The Sixties went through a lot of turbulence in the whole decade. From Kennedy and Malcolm X’s assassinations, landing on the Moon, Vietnam and Cold Wars, to the Rock’n’Roll uprising of some of the greats like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Shadows. During those times, Yugoslavia saw a different uprising. The communist nation at the time has turned its ears towards the East, while the youth in revolt decided to ‘rebel’ against the regime by glorifying the West.

Rock music reached the borders of former Yugoslavia. Like anything new in a political system, changes were not easily accepted. Indexi, the pop-vocal band from Sarajevo decided to start with rock. The political system did not understand why young people were drawn to this type of music and they considered it more of an uprising. The long hairs, jeans and rock concerts soon after got banned throughout the country.

We look back at the struggles of the group as well as the fame it reached. Today, they are considered as one of the most influential groups from those regions.  Unfortunately, the country which fell apart in the early 90s due to war created a giant shadow over religions, ethnic backgrounds and beliefs.

Today, they became the most influential group from those regions. But the biggest story behind the film is the concert “Tribute to Indexi” that took place in December.

First time in diaspora, there were thirty artists on the stage who came from all parts of former Yugoslavia (also joined by an additional three artists from Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia), performing twenty-nine songs in 3.5 hours. They have volunteered their time and expertise to make this concert a dream come true where music was a unifying language which joined three generations as well as people with different religion and ethnic backgrounds in one setting.

This video is about Da sam ja neko (IF I Were somebody)

World Premiere: September 20, 2013, Tuzla Film Festival, Bosnia
January 17, 2014 – Melbourne Australia
Jan 19, 2014 – Rotterdam Netherlands
July 26th 2014 – Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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